Articles by: Tenzin Gaphel

Liu Xiaobo (left) and Xu Zhiyong (right). Photo: NED

NED honors two jailed Chinese activists with 2014 Democracy Award

DHARAMSALA, June 1: Two Chinese activists, Liu Xia bo and Xu Zhiyong who were put behind bars by their government for championing human rights and democratic reforms in China have been honored on May 29 with the “2014 Democracy Awards” by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a US government-funded grant-making foundation.

Tibetan Protest Singer Is Said to Be Under Arrest

By Amy Qin, The New York Times | May 28, 2014

A popular Tibetan singer was arrested in Sichuan Province last week after a concert at which he performed songs from his banned album, according to Free Tibet, a London-based advocacy group.

China begins month-long campaign to crackdown on mobile instant messaging services

DHARAMSALA, May 30: The Chinese government has started a month-long campaign to crackdown on “illegal” and “harmful” information circulating through instant messaging services

Tibetan girls outshine boys in class XII board examination

DHARAMSALA, May 30: Tibetan girls have yet again outshined boys in this year’s class XII board examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Trucks carrying criminals and suspects are seen during a mass sentencing rally at a stadium in Yili, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region on May 27, 2014. Local officials in China's western Xinjiang region held the public rally for the mass sentencing of criminals on Tuesday, handing out judgments for 55 people and at least three death sentences for crimes such as "violent terrorism," state media said. [Reuters]

China sentences 55 in Xinjiang mass trial

[Reuters] BEIJING, May 28: Local officials in China’s western Xinjiang region held a public rally for the mass sentencing of criminals on Tuesday, handing out judgements for 55 people and at least three death sentences for crimes such as “violent terrorism”, state media said.

Golog Jigme speaking at the press conference.

Golog Jigme set aside self-immolation plans to continue to serve Tibetan people

DHARAMSALA, May 28: Golog Jigme, the Tibetan monk who assisted Dhondup Wangchen in the making of a documentary critical of Chinese rule in Tibet titled, “Leaving Fear Behind” said he set aside his plan to

Narendra Modi Sworn In as India’s 15th Prime Minister

[NDTV] NEW DELHI, May 27: Narendra Damodar Modi, 63, took oath as India’s Prime Minister on Monday evening. Almost 4000 people were present at the ceremony held in the forecourt of the

73 candidates running for European Parliament sign ICT’s “2014 for Tibet” pledge

DHARAMSALA, May 27: As European Union goes to polls, 73 candidates running for election to the European Parliament have promised to support for rights and freedoms of the Tibetan people, including re-establishing the Tibet Intergroup in the European Parliament.

Q & A: Chan Koonchung on Tibet, Sex and Censorship

By Joyce Lau, The New York Times | May 25, 2014 The shopkeeper at the small Hong Kong bookstore recognized the author Chan Koonchung right away. The People’s Recreation Community — its initials are a play on People’s Republic of China — specializes in books that are banned on the Chinese mainland, but not in the relatively free territory of […]

Author Chan Koonchung finds humour in China-Tibet dynamic

South China Morning Post | May 25, 2014

Chan Koonchung satire shows how inequalities of power warp the China-Tibet relationship, writes Kate Whitehead