By VIJAY KRANTI | March 20, 2015 At a time when Dharamsala and Tibet appear to be at a very vulnerable position vis-a-vis Beijing, it will be imperative for Dalai Lama as well as his advisers, to seriously measure the pros and cons of his proposed visit to China. Observers of Beijing-Dharamsala relations are these days keenly focused on the […]

Minsar, an Indian principality in Tibet

By Claude Arpi, Niti Central | March 2, 2015

Prime Minster Narendra Modi was on his way to Arunachal Pradesh when Hua Chunying, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman again got virulent about Arunachal Pradesh.

After 75 years, the Dalai Lama is more important than ever

After 75 years, the Dalai Lama is more important than ever

Tsering Topgyal, The Conversation | February 24, 2015

It is three quarters of a century since the Dalai Lama’s coronation as the temporal and spiritual leader of Tibet. He is now almost 80 years old and still presents a dilemma for Western leaders, who routinely come under pressure from Beijing not to meet him whenever he visits their countries.

China’s loss is India’s gain

Claude Arpi, Niti Central|February 4, 2015

Where is China going? Apparently the Middle Kingdom is not doing too well! Even economically! The economic publication Bloomberg recently reported, “China’s economy got off to a weak start in 2015 with disappointing manufacturing and service-sector readings, renewing calls for the Government to introduce more measures to spur growth in the months ahead.”

Will Tibet ever find her soul again?

Claude Arpi, Niti Central | January 8, 2015

Recently, I came across an interesting historical document; it is the Annual Report of the Indian Trade Agency in Gyantse (Tibet) for the year 1952-53. It is written by the Indian Trade Agent (ITA), Maj. S.M. Krishnatry.

Why is the ANC following the example of the Chinese Communist Party?

Martin Plaut, New Statesman | January 6, 2015

South Africa’s ruling party appears to be forging ever-closer ties with the Chinese government.

On the banks of the Vaal River, in the small former mining town of Venterskroon, South Africa’s ruling party is planning how to shape the country’s future.

(File photo) The Dalai Lama, who announced that he was stepping down as political leader of the Tibetan govermment, speaks during a news conference in New York.

More wiggle room on Tibet: Beijing reaching out to Dalai Lama

Jayadeva Ranade, Hindustan Times | January 6, 2015

In the midst of reports of emissaries being exchanged between Beijing and the Dalai Lama’s set-up and positive references to Buddhism by Chinese leaders, recent developments suggest that Beijing has decided on a new initiative on the Tibet issue.

China’s empty promise of rule by law

Teng Biao, The Washington Post | December 28, 2014

During the year that is drawing to a close this week, much has been made of the Communist Party of China’s new emphasis on “governing the country according to law.”

Distancing the Dalai Lama: Is Vatican playing into Beijing’s hands?

By Amit Dasgupta, The Sentinel | December 22, 2014

Nobel laureates gathered in Rome last week were dismayed that Pope Francis had surprisingly refused to grant an audience to the Dalai Lama so as to not incur Beijing’s inevitable wrath. Earlier the meeting was to be held in Cape Town to commemorate the first death anniversary of Nelson Mandela.

India has ignored Tibet for too long

A settlement of the Tibet issue is imperative for regional stability should become our consistent diplomatic refrain

By Brahma Chellaney, Livemint | Novembar 11, 2014

Despite booming two-way trade, India-China strategic discord and rivalry is sharpening. At the core of their divide is Tibet, an issue that fuels territorial disputes, border tensions and water feuds.