Chinese pressure in Australia shows Beijing’s long arm to silence critics across globe

Chinese influence on international politics and societies across the world on the rise

DHARAMSALA, May 2: The Chinese Communist regime’s covert actions in Australia reveal China’s long arm to influence international politics and societies to silence critics across the world, says a report on Business Insider Australia.

The report called for caution over growing attempts by China’s Communist Party to influence international politics and societies.

From the struggle of a book critical of Chinese Communist agent’s influence into Australia from getting published to the drafting of a bill by the federal government to make foreign interference and political donations illegal and a former adviser to the prime minister having to speak on the matter with the US House Armed Services Committee, all but calls for an alarm as it shows Beijing’s long arm to influence international politics and societies, the report said.

Maree Ma, the general manager of Australia’s Vision Times Media, while describing how the Chinese government is successfully interfering with the operations of Australian media companies had said in the report that the Chinese agents resort to intimidation and pulls out the financial support card to press for their interest, both political and economic to be maintained.

Attempts by the Chinese government to guide, buy, or coerce political influence and control discussion of “sensitive” topics are pervasive in institutions across the world. It poses serious challenges as China uses the lure of Chinese market to impose authoritarian practices abroad, a ploy that worked successfully in the past before panic kicked in from across the world as many around the world woke up to the fact that a pernicious Chinese influence is working behind the scenes and pulling strings.

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