Tibetan father of two dies after self-immolation protest

DHARAMSALA, Dec 17: A Tibetan father of two has died after he set himself on fire in protest against Chinese rule in Tibet on Dec 16 in Amchok Township in former Amdo Province in eastern Tibet.

Sangay Khar, aged 34 and a native of Amchok Khyungruthang Township in Sangchu County in Kanlho Prefecture of former Amdo Province set himself ablaze yesterday around 9:30 am (local time) in front of the Townships police station and died.

An undated photo of Sangay Khar
An undated photo of Sangay Khar

Chinese police arrived shortly after the incident and forcibly took away his charred body despite protest from local Tibetans. Though there is no information about where the police have taken his body to, local Tibetans suspect his charred body has been taken to Sangchu County.

Following Sangay’s self-immotion protest, Chinese authorities have tightened security and restricted communication channels in the area.

Born to Wanglo and Youdon, Sangay has left behind two daughters.

Sangay Khar became the 134th Tibetan from inside Tibet to have self-immolated in protest against Chinese rule in Tibet.

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