Chinese authorities arrest four Tibetans in Sog County

DHARAMSALA, Mar 17: Continuing with its repressive rule in Tibet, Chinese authorities have arrested four Tibetans, including two monks of Drilda monastery in Sog County on Mar 13-14.
The two monks, Lobsang Dhargye, 19 and Lungtok Gyaltsen, 18 of Drilda monastery in Trido Township in Sog County were arrested on the night of Mar 13 on the suspicion of writing “Tibet is an independent country” with red paint on an iron bridge in the area, according to a Tibetan source in Belgium with contacts in the region.

During the time of their arrest, they were returning from Chungpa Township where they had gone to shop for groceries needed for Chotrul Monlam (Great Prayer Festival) being held at the monastery.

“Their whereabouts could not be confirmed as of now,” the source said and added “On the 15th day of the New Year according to Tibetan calendar (Mar 16) when the prayer festival concluded, Chinese armed security forces in uniform were seen monitoring the movements of the monks both inside and outside the assembly hall of the monastery”.

Currently, a large number of Chinese police have camped on both sides of the iron bridge and security in general, has been greatly increased in the County.

Separately, on Mar 14, two Tibetan youth were arrested for sharing a song composed by Sherten, a popular Tibetan singer who composed the hugely popular song “Unity”.

The two youth have been identified as Tsering Samphel, 18 and Dakpa (age not known) of village No. 2 in Triru Towship in Sog County.

Details such as where they are being held could not be ascertained.

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