China calls Senator Rubio’s criticism over its blatant human rights violations ‘absurd’ and ‘ill-intended’

Sen. Marco Rubio pictured with CTA President Dr LObssang Sangay (21, Nov 2019) Image: Senator Rubio Press-Twitter

DHARAMSALA, 16 Jan: China has called US Senator Marco Rubio’s criticism over its “blatant human rights violations” as an absurd and ill-intended attack.

The Chinese state-run Global Times reported in an opinion piece it ran that said   the US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) “made absurd comments on China again, condemning “blatant human rights violations.”

“When Rubio accused the legislation of a continued attempt by the Communist Party of China (CPC) to wipe out Tibetan culture, I wonder whether he had read the text before wantonly launched his ill-intended attack,” the commentary added.

Sen. Rubio condemned China’s “blatant human rights violations” in China after the province of Tibet passed policies similar to those used in Xinjiang to oppress Uighur Muslims, Catholic News Agency reported on Tuesday.

While the senator’s tweet on 13 Jan, read that “the international community can’t turn a blind eye” to the development, and that “Tibet’s CCP-controlled Congress” was “following Xinjiang’s footsteps,” the report quoted him as saying that it was “no surprise that Tibet’s ‘autonomous’ legislature has passed rules to promote ‘ethnic unity’.”

“As the Chinese Communist Party continues its attempts to wipe out Tibetan culture, the U.S. and freedom-loving nations should condemn the blatant violations of human rights,” the senator has said.

The opinion piece on the Chinese state-run media further accused Sen. Rubio who is well acquainted with Tibet and China relations and foreign relations and has long supported Tibet and other repressed people across the world of having no interest in knowing a real Tibet. 

“Refusing the fact that Tibet is part of China, Rubio-like Westerners have no interest in knowing a real Tibet. No matter how hard they attack China and try to confuse right from wrong, different ethnic groups in Tibet will form a closer bond and the region will become better under the leadership of the CPC,” it concluded.

Meanwhile, Veteran Indian Journalist and long-time Tibet supporter Vijay Kranti, has described China’s new ethnic identity law in Tibet reflects its failure in Tibet.

“This announcement is an indirect admission by the Communist Party of China (CPC) that they have failed in integrating hearts of the people of Tibet into the overall Han identity of China,” he was quoted as saying in a report on India TV News.

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