Former Kirti monk released after completing 5 years in prison

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, June 29: A Tibetan political prisoner arrested for taking part in the 2008 pan-Tibet protests has been released by the Chinese authorities in Sichuan province after completing five years’ imprisonment.

Tsering, a former monk of Kirti monastery, who was confined in Sichuan’s Deyang prison was released on June 24, after completing his five years’ sentence.

tseringWith no information about his release disclosed to his family, Tsering was escorted to his home in Ngaba (Chinese, Aba) county after his release, RFA quoted a local source as saying.

“Once his family and friends knew he had been freed, many supporters visited his home to welcome him back. So far there have been no restrictions on relatives and friends visiting Tsering,” an anonymous source reportedly told RFA.

Tsering took part in the 2008 unrest and protested outside the Ngaba county office and went into hiding for three years to avoid detention by the Chinese authorities.

The Kirti monk was eventually arrested on June 20, 2011 from his hotel room in Ngaba and imprisoned in Deyang prison to serve his prison term, VOA quoted a source in exile as saying.

Son of Lorik, Tsering was a monk at Ngaba’s KIrti monastery and later became a layperson.

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