Japan fully backs Australia on trade war with China

DHARAMSALA, 21 July: Australia has Japan’s full backing over its ongoing trade dispute with China, the Japanese ambassador to Australia has declared.

“Trade should never be used as the tool to apply political pressure, Australia is not walking alone. Japan fully supports Australia’s efforts to serve the ongoing trade disputes,” Shingo Yamagami, the Japanese ambassador to Australia has said.

The development came on the heels of  China threatening to nuke Japan non-stop if it tries to defend Taiwan in a propaganda video of the Chinese Communist Party. 

The ambassador has further applauded “Australia’s commitment to the liberal, rules-based world order that many fear will topple under China’s increasing global dominance,” the news.com.au. reported.

The ambassador has stated that Japan would play a vital role in helping Australia become less reliant on China, particularly in its wine exports.

“For wine, the time is ripe … all tariffs on Australian bottled wine have been reduced to zero (in Japan),” he was quoted as saying in the report.

“The quality Aussie cheese and beef dominating the Japanese market needs to be paired with quality Aussie wine.”

Recalling that Japan once used to be Australia’s largest trading partner, the ambassador has said: “Japan was Australia’s largest trading partner, a position it held for 40 years,” and concluded by saying that “Together, we must continue to pursue liberalization and establishment of fair, transparent rules.”

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