Men-Tsee-Khang offers help to Andhra Pradesh deal with Vizag gas leak

DHARAMSALA, 8 May: Men-Tsee-Khang, the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute based here in Dharamsala had offered its help to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh as the state has been struck with chemical gas leakage.

“We are saddened to hear of the chemical gas leakage incident at LG Polymers Plant in the early hours of May 7, 2020. We extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to the deceased families and those who have been hospitalized,” Tashi Tsering Phuri, the director of Men-Tsee-Khang has said in a missive addressed to the Andhra’s Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Extending its help, the Men-Tsee-Khang’s Director has said that “Our External Emergency Team (MEET) would be happy to render our support through our system of healing to the affected patients.”

“The herbs will be dispensed free of cost to the patients. The herbs our doctors identify and dispense were being used since decades to treat similar cases,” he added.

Men-Tsee-Khang has previously extended its service to deal with the1984 Union Carbide Disaster in Bhopal and Chernobyl Disaster in 1986, in the former Soviet Union.

“We can be of service at this challenging time. I can categorically say that Sowa-Rigpa can go hand in hand in treating patients as there has been no history of Sowa-Rigpa medicine having any side effects he added.”

The director has noted in the letter that Tibetans, during Union Carbide Disaster in Bhopal took advantage of Sowa Rigpa that saved the “Tibetan Refugee Sweater Sellers there on the footpath,” in Bhopal and that His Holiness the Dalai Lama send his senior personal physician, late Dr Tenzin Choedrak to render his service to the Soviet.

“The Communist Russia was so impressed that it requested Dr Choedrak to help build 500-bed hospital just for Sowa-Rigpa treatments.”

In the early hours of May 7, a plastics-manufacturing plant in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, began to leak a poisonous gas that soon spread to five villages nearby. The gas, believed to be a toxin of some kind, quickly rendered over a thousand people sick, the Wire reported.

At least 11 people, including two minors, were killed and hundreds of others fell sick when styrene vapours leaked from a chemical plant in a thickly populated area of Gopalapatnam in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam during the early hours of Thursday.

According to reports, the company had been booked for culpable homicide. so far, at least 11 people, including two minors, were killed while hundreds have fallen ill due to the gas leaks.

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