Tibetan activist sets on 500 km March for Independence

DHARAMSALA, 12 Feb: “To bring India’s focus on Tibet, the missing link in the India-China crisis,” Tibetan writer and activist Tenzin Tsundue set off on march for Tibet’s Independence from here, the exile headquarters of the exiled Tibetan to India’s capital, New Delhi on the first day of the Losar. (Tibetan New Year)

“The main aim is to bring India’s focus on Tibet, the missing link in the India-China crisis. Our Indian brothers and sisters need to understand the reasons for China’s constant threat to India. China is creating border disputes not only with India but also 14 of its other neighbouring countries,” Tsundue said.

Highlighting the lack of awareness among Indians, Tsundue added that “when the Galwan Valley massacre struck India last June, most Indians couldn’t even locate this place on the map, much less understand why Chinese PLA soldiers killed our jawans.”

“To fully appreciate the complexities of the Sino-Indian border conflict, the people of India must understand the issue of Tibet. The Indian government must and its people must understand very clearly that India’s border will be permanently secure only when the Tibetan issue has been resolved,” he added.

Accompanied by two supporters for logistics and public communication, Tsundue’s Independence Walk that flagged off on the first day of Losar will conclude in Delhi on March 10 2020, which marks the 62nd anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day.

The activist says he will garner public support during the course of his one month walk on foot covering 500 km for Tibet’s Independence and “petition the Government of India to repeal its One-China policy.”

“If China does not respect One-India Policy, why is India condemned to this old defunct principle?”

The activist says he will also “lead a global campaign petitioning different head of states to repeal their One-China Policy, and recognize Tibet, East Turkestan, and Southern Mongolia as occupied countries, as well as support Hong Kong’s struggle for democracy and the independence of Taiwan.”

Tsundue further extended an open invitation to all to join him for his march.” Join me for a mile, for an hour.”

Ajit Kumar Nehria, the President of Into-Tibet Friendship Association, Dharamsala reaffirmed the association’s support for Tibet and urged his Indian brothers to remember the Galwan incident and start a movement on Tibet’s Independence to educate those who are unaware and ignorant.


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