Tibetan asylum seeker in Switzerland commits suicide on railway track

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, September 12: A Tibetan man has committed suicide by lying down on a railway track in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Tashi Namgyal reportedly lied down on the railway track between Emmenbrücke and Olten Suizid train station and committed suicide in Lucerne, Switzerland on Sept 7 around 9:50 pm (local time).

The police have discovered a note inside his wallet, a Tibetan residing in the region told Tibet Express.

21733368_1653759631335107_1747677510_n“In the suicide note written in English, Namgyal has called on the United Nations to support the just cause of Tibetan people and urged the Swiss government to issue political asylum to around 300 Tibetans currently residing in Swiss,” the Tibetan from the region told Tibet Express.

Earlier on August 27, the officials from the immigration have instructed around 300 Tibetans residing in Switzerland to leave the country stating that they failed to meet the necessary conditions to seek political asylum in the country.

After arriving in Switzerland few months ago, Namgyal had also applied for political asylum in the country. The local Tibetans have arranged a prayer session for the deceased.