Tibetan film ‘Pawo’ scores big at 2016 International Independent Film Awards

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, June 23: A Tibetan film titled ‘Pawo’ meaning martyr in Tibetan has won awards in three categories at the Spring 2016 International Independent Film Awards.

13521721_1193905423987199_319348737_nPawo is a film based on the life story of Tibetan martyr Jamphel Yeshi who self-immolated on March 26, 2012 to protest against China’s continued rule in Tibet and draw global attention to the issue of Tibet.

Speigel, one of the most widely read German-language news websites had run a report titled ‘Last 50 meters’ covering Jamphel Yeshi’s self-immolation in the heart of the Indian capital, New Delhi. The film came into being as the film’s German director Marvin Litwak came across the report and it compelled him to travel all the way to Delhi to do further research.

Pawo was made by a Tibetan-German crew and features all Tibetan actors.

Tibetan filmmaker Sonam Tseten of ‘Tsampa to Pizza’ and ‘Girl from China’ fame co-directed the film and JJI Exile Brothers, the Dharamsala-based Tibetan rock band co-engineered the film’s music.

13511393_1193905457320529_571167700_nPawo won acclamations at the 2016 International Independent Film Awards in the following categories:

Platinum Award – Cinematography (Amin Oussar, Cinematographer )
Gold Award – Original Score (Sebastian Heinrich & JJI Exile Brothers & Co)
Gold Award – Narrative Feature.