Age criteria forces Sikyong to withdraw youngest Kalon from Kashag

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, June 3: Sikyong Sangay has withdrawn Dhardon Sharling from his 15th Kashag (Cabinet Ministers) for not meeting the minimum age required for the office just two days after the 16th Tibetan Parliament approved her nomination in the parliament.

Explaining her withdrawal from the Tibetan legislators in the Parliament, Sikyong Sangay said: “Dhardon Sharling is three months short of 35 years, the minimum age required for a Kalon, as such her name has been withdrawn from the 15th kashag. As she was born in 1981 we thought she meets the age criteria.”

Despite his passionate explanation, Sikyong Sangay found himself at the receiving end as members of the Parliament ridiculed him and lashed out criticism at him for his carelessness, reasoning that he has not followed the normal practice of providing green book details to the legislators while announcing his nominees in the House.

Dhardon Sharling, on her face book page, thanked Sikyong Sangay for withdrawing her name from the 15th Kashag and expressed her utmost respect for the Tibetan Charter.

However, her post received criticism as well as empathy on the social networking page for her. Some labelled the whole incident as silly, shameful and a joke while some believed that she will be back in the cabinet in September when she meets the criteria and wished her well.

Dhardon Sharling after her nomination and approval by majority vote in the 15th Kashag became the youngest Kalon and the shortest serving Kalon after she was withdrawn due to underage from the post.