Brazilian displays Tibetan national flag at Rio media centre

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, August 15: A Brazilian activist has displayed Tibetan flag at a stall in the food park in front of the Rio media centre.

Romero, a Brazilian activist who organizes food events and festivals in different parts of Rio besides other tourism-related activities, has unfurled a Tibetan flag at his stall from the first day the media centre opened in Rio.

Romero with the Tibetan flag at his stall by the media centre.PHOTOGRAPG BY: SHOBHAN SAXENA
Romero with the Tibetan flag at his stall by the media centre.PHOTOGRAPG BY: SHOBHAN SAXENA

“It’s almost 20 days since the media centre opened in Rio, and the Tibetan flag has been there on display at the stall since day one. Maybe one day Tibet will participate in the Olympics and the World Cup,” quoted Romero as saying in its report, Aug 14.

As the Tibetan flag fluttered at the activist’s stall and danced to the Brazilian see breeze and Tibetan music blared out of the speakers, the activist said he is under no delusion of the imminent Chinese pressure that may reach his stall.

“I am not afraid of the Chinese who might see the Tibetan flag as red rag and complain to the authorities, I am displaying the Tibetan flag to show our solidarity with the Tibetans who are refugees in different parts of the world, mostly in India,” the activist was quoted as saying in the report.

Eight years ago, when Beijing hosted the games, the activist, originally from Greece but raised in Brazil, stood in solidarity with the Tibetans and protested at the Tiananmen Square.

“I spent 40 days in a Chinese prison,” says Romero. It was worth it. I am happy to fight for freedom. It’s a pity that the Tibetans can’t take part in the Olympics, but this flag represents the Tibetans who could not be here,” he added



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