China cries foul over The Hague Ruling

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, July 15: Beijing cries foul as the UN tribunal dismissed China’s claim over disputed South China Sea and accused UN judges of accepting bribes from Philippines.

Outraged at the ruling by the international court in The Hague, a top Chinese official has accused UN judges of accepting cash from Philippines as the tribunal pronounced Chinese claim over the South China sea as illegal.

13689393_1208578255853249_1844772033_n“Who are paying the wages of the judges who dismissed China’s territorial claims,” Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Liu Zhenmin was quoted as saying in reports of Daily Mail, July 14.

Liu, ignoring the Tuesdays ruling, launched a white paper on Wednesday restating China’s historical and legal claims to the disputed islands. The white paper declared the islands as China’s inherent territory and blamed the Philippines of creating trouble.

Liu further threatened declaring air defense zone over the waters of South China Sea, like China did in 2013, setting up an air defense zone over the disputed island in the East China sea.








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