China detains four Tibetans for refusing to sell land

DHARAMSALA, April 25: Chinese authorities have detained four Tibetans in Palyul County in eastern Tibet for refusing to sell their land for Chinese mining activities.

The four Tibetans, identified as Thupga, Gade, Kyamo and Jamyang were arrested by county police on April 21 in Barchung Township in Palyul County in Karzde Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

For years, Chinese miners had tried to buy a land area called Shawathang in Palyul County but the local Tibetans had refused to be lured by money.

This year, when the Chinese miners again pressed for the land deal, the local Tibetans refused and protested against the Chinese mining project.

When authorities threatened the protesters of dire consequences, the four Tibetans fled to the hills to avoid arrest.

When they returned back to the town after spending more than a month in the hills, the county police arrested them.

“While Thupga and Kyamo were arrested from a place called Dokho, Gade was arrested at his home and Jamyang was seized on his way to the mining site,” said Chime Sangay, an exiled Tibetan residing in Switzerland with close contacts in the area.

“With the arrival of huge number of paramilitary forces in the area, several Tibetans have fled to the hills for safety and the movements on the remaining Tibetans are being closely monitored,” Sangay added.

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