China detains Tibetan woman in fifth solitary protest in Ngaba

DHARAMSALA, Sep 17: Dekyi Dolma, a 22-yr-old Tibet woman has been detained by Chinese police on Sep 13 in after she staged a solitary protest challenging China’s oppressive rule in Tibet.

While marching on the streets of Ngaba in the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo, Dekyi called for an end to the oppressive Chinese policies in the region.

She defiantly staged her solitary protest despite the huge presence of Chinese security personnel in the area following four similar protests carried out earlier by monks of Kirty monastery.

“She did it knowing full well about the huge presence of Chinese security personnel in the area,” RFA cited a source as saying.

A second source told RFA that several Tibetan bystanders expressed their support for her and voiced their anger over way the police manhandled her.

Due to heavy security presence in the area and shut down of al communication channels in the area, further details were not available.

Dekyi Dolma is the fifth Tibetan to be arrested for solitary protest in Ngaba in the last two days.



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