Dalai Lama expresses concern over violence around the world

[TNN] TUMAKURU, Dec 21: Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama on Sunday expressed concern over violence witnessed in parts of the world and said the best thing to stop it is to give value based education to the next generation.

Inaugurating the International conference on ‘Ethics in the New Millennium: Buddhist Perspectives’ organized by Tumkur University and the Sera Jey Monastry of Bylakuppe, a Tibetan refugee camp in Karnataka, the Buddhist spiritual guru said that he was preparing a curriculum in close association US on cultural and educational system.

“The curriculum would be ready in two years which focuses on improving students-relationship. Moral values and ethics on religion and spirituality will also be incorporated in the proposed curriculum,” the Noble Peace prize winner said addressing the well attended delegation in the Tumkur University campus.

Calling upon Indian varsities to give suggestions on the proposed curriculum, the Dalai Lama said the value based education can stop youth from going against the law of the land. It is important that ethics is included in university education so that the youth are driven in the right path. Parents will have to do more to inculcate good habits among the teenagers,”‘ he said.

Citing India as best example, the spiritual guru said that in this country people of different communities and sects live together and the World should learn from it. “India is a small world in itself. Other countries can learn how people live peacefully in this country. Practicing peace will be all important,” he said.

Expressing concern over global warming, the Dalai Lama people need to be informed at the grassroot level and the governments should form better guidelines to safeguard environment.

Law minister TB Jayachnadra and social welfare minister H Anjaneya attended the conference. Dalai Lama’s last visit to Tumkur University was in 2012 where he was invited to inaugurate the International Conference on Yoga in Education. Tumkur University also conferred the Dalai Lama an ‘Honorary Distinguished Professorship’ in recognition of his service to humanity.

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