Eight Tibetans sentenced up to 9 years’ imprisonment

DHARAMSALA, Aug 7: Chinese authorities in eastern Tibet have sentenced eight Tibetans up to 9 years of imprisonment over their alleged involvement in the explosion of a police station in 2012, reports Tibet.net, the exile Tibetan administration’s official website.

The eight Tibetans, all natives of Regpa village in Nyengor township of Dege county in former Kham province of Tibet were accused of being involved in a blast at a police station carried out by a fellow villager named Tashi.

On February 24, 2012 Tashi planted explosives at a newly built police station to protest China’s establishment of numerous police stations in Tibetan areas in the aftermath of 2008 Tibetan uprising. In the ensuing explosion, Tashi was also killed as the police station went up in flames.

Following the explosion, Chinese authorities arrested the eight Tibetans from Tashi’s village for their alleged involvement in the incident.

Out of the eight Tibetans, Yeshi, 36 was sentenced to 9 years’ imprisonment, Pema Norbu to 5 years’ imprisonment and Jig-ga to 4 years’ imprisonment. The remaining five Tibetans, Tsering Phuntsok, Bhugoe, Gedun, Lhaksam and Sogon were sentenced to 3 years each.

It is learnt that they are currently being held at a prison in Minyag region of former Kham province of Tibet.






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