His Holiness’ birthday celebration disrupted, 30 Tibetans arrested in Nepal

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, July 6: Heavy police presence marred His Holiness’ 81st Trungkar (birthday) celebration leading to arrest of many Tibetans in Nepal.

Tibetans celebrating Trungkar in Kathmandu, Nepal were disrupted and withheld as Nepalese police thronged the venue of the event in yet another case of the Himalayan country kowtowing to Chinese government’s might.

13624533_1202452156465859_988135044_nAlthough Tibetans were given verbal permission by the Chief District Officer (CDF) to celebrate the Trungkar, loads of Nepalese police stormed the Songtsen Bhrikuti Boarding High School in Boudha Nath and prevented Tibetans from entering the venue, ultimately leading to the arrest of the Tibetan settlement officer and around thirty Tibetan.

According to Tibet Express’ sources in Nepal, the DSP has reportedly ordered removal of the large portraits of Tibetan Spiritual leader, who turns 81 today, adorned on the stage of the venue.

13624427_1202452169799191_686831461_n“It is such a shame that police have created a total chaos here, barring the entry and exit doors. We are here to celebrate our spiritual leader’s birthday in the land where Buddha was born. It feels like we are in Tibet under Chinese regime and all this fuss is beyond my understanding,” a dejected Tibetan said who was forced to return home.

As Chinese influence in Nepal grew in recent years, so did the restrictions on the Tibetans living in the Himalayan country as well. Trungkar celebration in Nepal has been banned since the last couple of years.