His Holiness: I have no worries about Trump’s election, he will align his policies with global realities

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, Nov 23: His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said he has no worries about Donald Trump’s election as the US president, according to media reports.

15204030_1324540337590373_1761084507_o“I have no worries about Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president. He will align his policies with global realities,” startribune.com quoted the Tibetan spiritual leader who just concluded his visit to Mongolia as saying in its report.

His Holiness further added that he looks forward to meet with the President-elect Trump after the latter’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States on Jan 20, 2016.

The Tibetan spiritual leader was undeterred by remarks made by Trump during the election campaign, some of which were deemed offensive to Muslims, Hispanics and other U.S. minority groups.

“I feel during the election, the candidate has more freedom to express. Now once they are elected, having the responsibility, then they have to carry their cooperation, their work, according to reality. So I have no worries,” the report quoted His Holiness as saying.