New York Tibetans protest in front of UN over shooting incident in Tibet

DHARAMSALA, Aug 15: A group of Tibetan residents of New York staged a protest in front of the United Nations on Aug 14 demanding the world organization to speak on Tibet and condemn China on the recent shooting incident in eastern Tibet where Chinese police opened fire on a crowd of Tibetan protesters, injuring at least ten Tibetans.10615689_785217244854354_5837-300x192

The Tibetans raised the Tibetan national flag, displayed banners demanding the UN to stand up for Tibet and distributed leaflets containing information on the latest shooting spree in Tibet and the Tibet issue at large.

The detention of Wangdak, a widely respected Tibetan village leader, from his home in the middle of the night in Denma town, Sershul County, Kardze Tibet Autonomous Prefecture on Tuesday had led to the protest by local Tibetans demanding Wangdak’s release.10615682_761732843873058_51874-300x202

In response, Chinese police hurled tear gas and opened fire to disperse the unarmed Tibetan protesters. At least ten Tibetans, including Wangdak’s son and brother sustained gunshots.

Tibetans in New York also plan to stage a similar protest in front of the UN building on Aug 15 and raise awareness on the shooting incident to highlight China’s repressive rule in Tibet and call on the world organization to stand up for Tibet.10603737_731683523560287_2971230067600774065_n-300x159




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