Nyitso monastery monk arrested in Tawu County

DHARAMSALA, May 19: A Tibetan Buddhist monk of Nyitso monastery in Tawu County in eastern Tibet was arrested by Chinese police on May 18.

According to a reliable source, Tsewang Choephel, a monk of Nyitso monastery was arrested in the morning of May 18 by Chinese police while he was riding a motorbike on the main road.

An undated photo of Tsewang Choephel.
An undated photo of Tsewang Choephel.

Though the exact reason for his arbitrary arrest remain unclear, it is suspected that he had long been under Chinese authorities watch for his actions last year, when Chinese policemen bundled away the charred body of Kelsang Yeshi, a fellow monk of Nyitso monastery who set himself on fire on Dec 23, 2014 calling for freedom for Tibetans and the return of His holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

“Tsewang Choephel threw stones at the policemen and his action and attitude were not taken lightly by the authorities,” the source said, suggesting that his arrest was linked to his actions at the time of the protest.

His current whereabouts and condition could not be ascertained immediately.

Tsewang Choephel is a native of Mazur Township in Tawu County and is known for taking a keen interest in the issue of Tibet and welfare of the Tibetan people.





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