Several Tibetans detained in Nangchen county for demanding equal distribution of economic aid

DHARAMSALA, Aug 26: Several Tibetans were reportedly detained today after over a hundred Tibetans in Nangchen County in traditional Kham province held a protest rally  on the streets and staged demonstrations in front of a local Chinese government office tasked with economic development projects in the area, demanding equality in distribution of government aids and benefits.

ngangchen3-300x300Earlier the office responsible for economic development of the backward and underdeveloped areas had announced financial aid and rebuilding of houses in Chumey township in Nangchen county. However, over a hundred Tibetan families whose members were not present in the township for business, education or other reasons were denied their rightful economic aid.

To protest the authorities’ decision and demand their rights, over a hundred Tibetans marched through the street to the local administration’s office responsible for the distribution of government aids. Some of them were seen waving leaflets circulated by the local authourities on which words such as democracy, wealth, harmony, economic development, truth and rule by law were written.

ngangchen4-300x225Rather than addressing their legitimate grievances, the authorities detained at least ten Tibetans accusing them of organizing and leading the protest.

Names of the detained Tibetans and other details could not be ascertained due to heavy restrictions in the area.



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