Tibetan father of two survives self-immolation protest

DHARAMSALA, Oct 8: A Tibetan father of two has lit himself on fire in front of a police station in Amdo Province in protest against Chinese rule in Tibet.08834c0c-7e87-4b6f-8ad3-5f09db14258b

Kunchok, 42 set himself on fire in front of a police station in Tsang Khor Township in Gade County, Golog Prefecture, Amdo Province on Sep 16, a day before Lhamo Tashi, a 22-yr-old Tibetan student burned himself to death in front of a police station in Kanlho Prefecture in Amdo.

According to exile media reports, Tibetan onlookers immediately doused the fire and took him to a nearby hospital. However he is said to be in critical condition and his chances of survival very slim.

“While he’s being treated, he often breaks down in tears over his failure to die in the self-immolation. He regrets not accomplishing what he planned to do,” a source was quoted as saying.

Although the incident happened on Sep 16, information about his self-immolation emerged only on Oct 4, apparently due to communication clampdowns imposed by Chinese authorities following the self-immolation protest.

The incident was also not reported at the time as his relatives feared that those who helped him might land in trouble with the authorities.

Sources are also said to be reluctant in disclosing details of the hospital as the family fears that he could be taken away by the authorities if he survives and if he does not, the authorities would not return the body to the family, like they have done in the past with other Tibetans who have taken the fiery route to protest against the Chinese government.

Kunchok’s protest through self-immolation against Chinese rule has pushed the number of known self-immolations inside Tibet, since February, 2009 to 132.





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