Tibetan man arrested after solitary protest in eastern Tibet

DHARAMSALA, Oct 18: A young Tibetan man was arrested by Chinese police in Serta County in traditional Kham Province in eastern Tibet after he carried out a solitary protest against repressive Chinese rule in Tibet.

Dorjee Rinchen aka Dori in an undated photo.
Dorjee Rinchen aka Dori in an undated photo.

According to source in Tibet, during his lone protest on the streets of Serta on Oct 16, Dorjee Rinchen aka Dori raised slogans calling for “freedom in Tibet” while throwing prayer flags (Tib: lungta) in the air.

Chinese police immediately arrived at the protest site, caught Dori by his hair and forcibly took him away. Several local Tibetans tried to stop the police from arresting him but were not successful.

It is not immediately known which detention centre he has been taken to.

Dori, a native of Horshul Township in Serta was a former monk at Nubsoor monastery and was running a small business in Serta before his arrest.

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