Tibetan mother of two sets self on fire in eastern Tibet

DHARAMSALA, May 28: Sangye Tso, a 36-yr-old Tibetan mother of two has lit herself on fire in eastern Tibet in protest against China’s repressive rule in Tibet.

She staged her protest through self-immolation at around 4 am (local time) on May 27 in front of a Chinese security forces’ headquarters located near Tashi Choekorling monastery in Chone county in the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo in eastern Tibet.

Chinese police immediately came to the protest site and carried away the charred remains of her body.

Whether she survived the fiery protest remains unknown due to communication blackout place in the area following the incident.

According to sources, Sangye Tso had spoken to her family on the phone around 3: 10 am which made the family worry and search for her but they weren’t successful. The family knew about her self-immolation protest in the morning and also learned that her body had been taken away by Chinese police.

“Chinese authorities later visited her home and interrogated the family members”, a source said adding “they have also barred local Tibetans from visiting her house.”

Sangye Tso was a native of Chabushi (also known as Nyinpa) township in Chone county and is survived by her husband Tamding Wangyal and two children, Tsering Dondrub (son) and Khatso (daughter).

With Sangye Tso’s latest self-immolation protest, the total number of known Tibetans to have self-immolated in Tibet since February 2009 has now reached 140.

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