16-yr-old Tibetan student self-immolates in Dehradun

DHARAMSALA, Mar 1: A Tibetan student has set himself on fire on Feb 29 in Dehradun to protest against Chinese rule in Tibet.

dorjee-tseren123Dorjee Tsering, a 16-yr-old Tibetan student of class ten at Tibetan Homes School, Mussoorie set himself on fire at around 8:30 am on Feb 29 near an old people’s home in Lakhanwala, Dehradun to protest against Chinese rule in Tibet, a reliable source said.

He is currently admitted at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi where it was declared that 95% of his body has sustained burn injuries.

In a video clip recorded at the hospital and circulating on social media, Dorjee says:

“Since, Tibet was invaded by China in 1959, many Tibetans had to escape into exile in India; some went abroad to foreign countries while many Tibetans stayed back in Tibet. I’ve always wanted to do something for my country. I bought the fuel and the match box myself. I’ve mentioned about carrying out a self-immolation protest to my parents earlier. They advised me not to take such a step and warned me that they would commit suicide if I did so. I have sacrificed my parents and set myself on fire for Tibet. Lastly, I wish a very long life to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and pray that Tibet becomes free.”

Dorjee Tsering was born in 1999 to father Thupten and mother Nyima Yangzom.

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