17th Tibetan Parliament meets for two day internal meeting to resolve parliamentary deadlock 

DHARAMSALA, 27 Sept: The elected members of the 17th Tibetan Parliament-in-exile (TPIE) began their two days internal meeting to resolve the parliamentary deadlock that began nearly four months ago at the Sikyong auditorium of the Central Tibetan Administration at its headquarters here in Gangchen Kyishong

The two-day internal meeting from 27-28 Sept. has been organized by the five Tibetan MPs from the US, Europe, and Australasia. Except for Doring Tenzin Phuntssok, the Tibetan MP from Australasia, all other 44 MPs are present for the meeting.

The TPIE usually holds two sessions in a year but the 17th Tibetan parliament failed to convene either this year owing to the political impasse. 

However, hopes are high among the exiled Tibetans that the impasse will be resolved at the closed-door meetings. 

On 8 June, the members of the 17th TPIE took their oath of office in an unprecedented manner but couldn’t elect a new Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the house as Twenty-one MPs took their oath of office from the pro-tem Speaker Dawa Tsering who was administered the oath by the Chief Justice Commissioner who was removed by the TPIE in March while 22 MPs who held it unlawful took their oath in front of the Charter and a portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The unprecedented manner in which the members of the 17th TPIE took their oath of office was necessitated after the Chief Justice Commissioner and the two Justice Commissioners of the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission impeached by the Tibetan parliament in March performed a u-turn and announced their resumption to offices nearly two months after accepting their impeachment though they called it illegitimate.

The CTA has been functioning without the parliament since the swear-in ceremony of Sikyong Penpa Tsering.  

The standing committee of the 16th Tibetan parliament has to dissolve as all but 3 of its members resigned on 27 May after the Sikyong took the oath of office from Dagpo Sonam Norbu, the Chief Justice Commissioner of the CTA who was impeached by the parliament along with the two Justice Commissioners.


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