5th International Rangzen Conference concludes

DHARAMSALA, May 25: The 5th International Rangzen Conference concluded with resolute conviction to the Tibetan independence advocates for the imminent reunion of the Tibetan people in a free and independent Tibet and the glorious return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the Potala Palace.

The three-day conference held over May 23-25 here in Dharamsala was organised in protest against the black day 67 years ago when Tibet was forced to sign the so-called ‘17-Point Agreement’ and to mark marks 10 years of the 2008 pan Tibet movement, the declaration of the conference said.

The final day of the conference, began with an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the Tibetan independence advocates who have gathered for the conference and the conference ended at the evening on a high note as the Tibetan independence advocates declaring that the demand for an independent Tibet, which is “the will of the dead and hope of the living” will be passed on as inheritance from father to son and generations to come will treat this struggle as their soul.

The fiery protests by Tibetans against the Chinese government are symbolic of the Tibetan people’s aspirations for a free and independent Tibet and for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the declaration added.

Until now, a staggering number of 152 Tibetans across Tibet have set themselves on fire in protest against the Chinese government since February 27, 2009, while in exile 10 Tibetans have self-immolated.

The first Rangzen conference was held at the auditorium of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Gangchen Kyishong in Dharamsala on July 27, 2012 while the second the third and the fourth were held in New Delhi (May 23-24, 2015), New York (July 1-3, 2016) and in Paris (Aug 23-25) respectively.

The five-point declaration issued at the conclusion of the 5th International  Rangzen Conference are:


  1. The Conference reaffirms that in order to fulfil the enduring goal of restoring the independence of Tibet, generations of Tibetans will carry on the struggle with fortitude and diligence.


  1. The Conference condemns China in strongest terms for continuing its brutal occupation of Tibet for over 60 years which has caused the death of more than a million Tibetans and irreparable damages to Tibetan culture, language and environment. And even as we conference here the situation in Tibetisgettingworseeveryday.XiJingping’scapitulationofhisauthoritarian dictatorship has further unleashed terror and anxiety in occupied Tibet. This the world must know and we resolve to spread the awareness and awaken the world to this sad reality.


  1. The Conference acknowledges the declarations made during the international Rangzen conferences held in 2015, 2016, and 2017 and will endeavour to implement the resolutions.


  1. The Conference recognises the current critical stage of the Tibetan struggle and the instances of suspicion and misgiving damaging our common cause and unity among exile Tibetans. The Conference calls on Tibetans dedicated to the struggle for an independent Tibet to continue to be fully aware of our friends and foes and direct all our efforts solely to our struggle with a patient and tolerant attitude towards internal meaningless misgivings.


  1. The Conference expresses its deep gratitude to the people and government of the great nation of India for their help and support during these most difficult times in the history of Tibet. The Conference reaffirms that India’s security is inextricably linked to a free Tibet and the Conference fervently appeals to the people and the government of India for their continued support for the cause of an independent Tibet. The Conference acknowledges the support of countries, organisations and individuals from across the world for the Tibetan cause and we appeal over again for your continued solidarity and support for the revival of a free and independent Tibet.


The Fifth International Rangzen conference was organised by a loose network of volunteers who believe in and work for the Independence of Tibet. It’s not an organization nor any office and the main objective of organising this meeting is to keep the dream of Rangzen alive.


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