6th International Rangzen Conference to be held in Delhi over 16-19 August

DHARAMSALA, 2 Aug: Tibetan independence(Rangzen) advocates from around the world will converge for the 6th International Rangzen Conference to be held in India’s capital, New Delhi, later this month to enhance and strengthen the Tibetan independence movement.

To discuss and deliberate on how Tibetans can collectively resist and fight back against the Chinese Communist Party’s(CCP) repression and to enhance and strengthen the Tibetan independence movement, Tibetan Rangzen advocates from around the world will converge for a three-day conference to be held over 16-19 August at the India International Centre(IIC) in Delhi, read a statement issued by the organisers of the 6th International Rangzen Conference.

According to the communique, Tibetan Rangzen advocates will be joined by delegates from other countries such as Mongol and East Turkistan among others who have been subject to China’s occupation, oppression and repression at the conference to discuss their modus operandi while resisting the CCP with an objective of forming an ally to take on China collectively going forward.  

Calling out China for its expansionist policies, it added that since the establishment of the CCP, it has inflicted immeasurable suffering and atrocities on Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongols and others oppressed by China. 

Additionally, the organisers have said China economically invaded countries around the world promising prosperity in the guise of the Belt and Road Initiative(BRI) and the education institutes through Confucius Institutes, which are funded by Beijing and operated by the Office of Chinese Languages Council International, also known as Hanban, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. 

As the world wakes up to China’s lies and deceptions and the governments around the world have sanctioned CCP leaders, it allows the countries under China’s occupation and oppression to discuss and formulate plans to collectively fight the CCP, the announcement said.

As per the resolution passed during the 5th edition of the Conference held in Dharamsala in 2018, the 6th International Rangzen Conference is being organised in New Delhi by a loose network of volunteers who believe in and work for the Independent of Tibet.

The organizers have stated that they will do their best in accommodating the participants at the conference while announcing that the Rangzen advocates are incurring the travel expenses on their own out of their dedication and commitment for the cause of Tibet.

Initiated by a few Rangzen advocates, the first Rangzen conference was held in Dharamsala on June 27, 2012, while the second, third and fourth edition of the conference was held in New Delhi,(2015) New York(2016) and Paris(2017)respectively. The fifth and last conference was held in Dharamsala in 2018. 

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