A Tibetan shot by Chinese police while another goes missing after being thrown into river 

Local Tibetans searching for Rigdrak by the Drichu River after he was pushed by police.

DHARAMSALA, 17 Aug: A Tibetan man has been critically injured after being shot by Chinese police without provocation while another is missing and believed dead after being pushed into the Drichu River highlighting the police brutality in the Chinese occupied Tibet.

Rigdrak, Sherab Gyatso and Gurkyab were reportedly attacked by plain-clothed Chinese police when they were travelling in their private car from Kyegudo to Domda Township in eastern Tibet on the afternoon of 15 Aug, according to media reports.

Rigdrak was pushed off a steep roadside into the Drichu river while his friend, Sherab Gyatso was shot for confronting the Chinese police for their brutality as Chinese police stopped all the travellers at a checkpoint and searched their vehicles. 

Sherab Gyatso, 26 was rushed to a local hospital for emergency treatment after other travellers intervened at the scene of police violence.   

Rigdrak, a Tibetan in his 50s was reportedly pushed by the police after he got off the car and told the officers that they do not have any illegal things in their car. 

Local Tibetans fear Rigdak must have drowned and died after they conducted an extensive search around the riverside without success to locate him or his body.

Rigdrak hails from Shikog Village in Trindu County and he is survived by his wife, Sangmo and two daughters while Gyatso, who hails from Dharmer Village in Domda Township has five family members.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that the Chinese authorities have been conducting random inspections of Tibetan in Kyegudo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and the surrounding areas for months now, scanning the mobile phones of Tibetans and their social media activities.

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