Blast outside U.S. embassy in China

DHARAMSALA, July 26: A bomb has exploded outside the U.S. embassy in the Chinese capital earlier today.

“A bomb exploded outside the U.S. embassy in Beijing and wounded the lone assailant,” the embassy has said in a statement, reports the Reuters.

The U. S’s embassy has further said that the explosion took place on the street outside the southeast corner of its compound in Beijing.

However, the Chinese police have described the weapon merely as a ‘firework device’, the report stated.

But the report cited witness and said they had heard an explosion near the embassy and felt tremors.

“I’d just arrived and started to queue and then heard a loud explosion about 100 metres away,” Li, a 19-year-old high school student was quoted as saying in the report.

The police have further zeroed in on a 26-year-old man from China’s Inner Mongolia region as the suspect and said that the assailant had injured his hand and that they have taken him to hospital. But it is still unknown as to why the suspect carried out the attack on the U.S. embassy in the Chinese capital and the police didn’t provide a motive.

Though there was no damage to U.S. embassy property, a police SUV on the street outside the embassy appeared to have been damaged and was cordoned off by police before being it was whisked away, the report said.

The embassy reportedly resumed its normal operations a little over half an hour after the explosion.

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