China Coronavirus- a tragedy given by the Chinese government to the world.

By Dhoundup Lhandar | Translated by D.S | 10 April 2020.

The people of the world are fed up with the products that are produced from China. The goods that are labelled “made in China” give titanic problems in the world. Diseases like; mouse disease, pig’s disease, and Coronavirus originated from China. China has the top record in the world’s history of having diseases and producing fake goods.

I think it is fair to call this a China virus or China coronavirus. Because we all know this virus originated from China and when we call this a China virus-we are just telling the accuracy of the disease. That is why I do not think it is racist or any form of discrimination towards Chinese. Because it originated in China. For example, a car produced in Japan could be called a Japanese car. Honda-car produced in Japan and we can call it Japanese cars. It is the same scenario. However, if it is racist to call China Virus then why it is not racist to call Ebola Virus and Spanish flu. These are entrenched in History and again, it is just showing the representativeness of these viruses and its sources.

From this virus plague, it became clear that China has no freedom of expression and it has such corrupted and insulting behaviour, and the government keeps everything clandestine from the world. The Chinese government is nothing more than an uncivilized and savage country.

First of all, the Chinese government did everything they could to conceal this virus from the world. The government tried to keep it secret to the world. But they failed to do so. Then, again, they are keeping the number of victim’s secret. They are propagandizing by saying that this virus did not impact much in China. They do not tell the number of people who lost their lives under the coronavirus. The government does not have the willpower to take responsibility and solve the problem. Instead of that, the government did every horrific thing to make them look blameless in front of the world. This vividly shows that the Chinese government would do anything to cover up their wrongdoing and did not care about the well-being of the people and their precious human lives.

Tibetan people are fighting peacefully, and we have been saying, “China lied, and Tibetans died” for so many years. Sadly, the international community did not fully support our fight for freedom.

However, now people around the world are dying because of the Chinese government’s action. Thus, we are facing the darkest moments right now. It is time for world leaders and people of the world to wake up when the Chinese government is taking such unacceptable and repugnant action.

Unfortunately, world leaders are still not awake. For example, the Republic of Serbia gained help from China. After the help, the president of Serbia cowardly praised and thanked China. Serbia, Italy, and Czech competed to buy masks from China and gave billions of profits to China. And also, Spain spent 432 million dollars on test kits that were produced from China. It is their embarrassment to do trade with China albeit China is the reason why their people are dying. Thus, this kind of action is stupid’s action or cowardly act. The action of these countries’ leaders is an insult to their people who lost their lives. That is their embarrassment and a way to bring future tragedy.

The leaders around the world are having lavish lives and they do not require anything personal. However, for the hospital’s staff and essentials things, the world leaders have to plead and seek help from their enemy. 

This is happening because those world leaders do not take responsibility for their people and do not have solid policies for such tragedy. This is truly their embarrassment. From this tragedy, people in democratic countries should learn the lesson and be alert when they vote for their leaders in the future. They should vote for someone whom they can rely on during a tragic time. This China Virus created so much catastrophe in the world and has massive impacts on the economy around the world. If leaders around the world still do not wake up, then it will be tragic to the future world and China will keep doing what they are doing now. We have to hold China liable and let them admit or confess their lies about the disease. Leaders around the world should demand the Chinese government to take responsibility. The Chinese government owns an apology and reparation to the world and not the other way.

Instead of taking their responsibility, the Chinese government tried to create a baseless theory saying that the Coronavirus was from the US. They later also said that the Coronavirus was from Italy. The Chinese government did everything they could to make themselves look good in front of the world.

This Coronavirus killed so many people around the world, and Italy even lost 900 people in one day. Italy should not forget that more than 9000 people lost their lives in Italy. This is the right time for the world to wake up and speak against the Chinese government. European countries need to step and should not bow down the Chinese government. If the European countries still do not step up, then they will lose their civilization in the future.

Like I mentioned above, China concealed the outbreak of the Virus and they do not want anyone to report on this issue. They just do not give any rights to reports. The Chinese government deported two reports of the wall street journal on 18th February of this year because they published an article, “China is the real sick man of Asia.” The Chinese government does not allow any experts to come to China and study about the Virus. They do not want to let the world know their ugly truth. First, the Chinese government claimed that the Corona Virus originated from Bat’s meat at Wuhan in China, but it contradicted what scientists found. 

Therefore, now they are trying to change that too. Many scientists and people think that the Chinese government leaked this virus in the process of making biochemical weapons. Now, the Chinese government is trying to cover up their crime and blaming others. Recently, one of the Chinese health staff experts and Zhao Lijian, deputy director of the Foreign Ministry Information Department, took to social media and spread false information. The health staff expert (ཀྲུང་ནན་ཧྲན་) claimed that “the virus appeared in China but that does not mean the virus originated from China.” Zhao Lijian, deputy director even took further steps to “promotes the conspiracy theory that the US military brought coronavirus to Wuhan” and he even encouraged people to write in social media about the theory.

However, their theory is failing now and people and leaders in the US started to speak up against their false allegation. Now the Chinese government is trying to blame Italy. The Chinese government said that Italy has the Corona Virus before China. From this point, it became crystal clear that the Chinese government does anything they can to blame someone else for their crime.

On March 23rd, 2020, a restaurant named “杨妈妈粥店” celebrating when the US hit by Coronavirus and they sarcastically congratulated the US and Japan for having hit by Coronavirus. Chinese people admitted that they are happy because the US is under attack by the Coronavirus. All these things reveal the cruel and evil behaviour of the Chinese and their government. It also made clear that China holds a grudge for the US and constantly competes with the US. These types of actions suggest that this could be the leaked Virus in the processing of making a biochemical weapon. As a result, international, especially US presidents and people should focus on it and be alert.

Every country around the world is fighting for Coronavirus and rushing to buy essential equipment for hospital staff. The Chinese government knew that all the countries were in desperate need of protective equipment like masks and gloves etc. They took the opportunity and started selling their fake products around the world. This is a time to come together and fight this coronavirus pandemic, but the Chinese government started looking for their benefits by selling fake products. It seems like the Chinese government has pre-planned about everything.

It is still not clear if the Coronavirus originated from Bat’s meat or leaked from the process of making a biochemical weapon. However, it is imperative to investigate the true sources of this pandemic virus. This Coronavirus is attacking the US very badly and it is unstoppable right now. Thousands of people infected by the Coronavirus including London Prince Charles and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And also, so many US congresspeople have been infected by this Coronavirus. However, this coronavirus is an invisible killer in the darkness, created by the Chinese government and it is taking away precious human lives. It has an unsympathetic attitude and hatred towards the entire planet.
Therefore, the Chinese government is an embarrassment to the whole Asian countries and “the real sick man of” the world. Our country is not China and we Tibetans are not the same as Chinese and we do not share anything with them. It is our pride and something that distinguishes from the Chinese. It is not only our right to fight against the Chinese government, also, we can proudly and loudly protest against China and bring this on the world stage.

The Chinese government has inherent evil and uncivilized live styles. They practice all the horrible things you can imagine. They kill dogs and cats for consumption. They fake human flesh with beef and sell it at meat markets. They even kidnap children and eat flesh. They throw live dogs in boiling water and fry monkeys in hot oil. This is their uncivilized lifestyle. I have mentioned all these in my previous article. However, even coronavirus originates from bat’s meat. All these horrible things are the results of this Coronavirus pandemic. This is what you get when you do not care about other’s lives.

People might have seen in social media that some Chinese are spitting in the elevators, escalators, and certain populated areas. They were trying to spread the China virus to other people after they got infected. Some international students even suggested changing flights at Twain’s airport for those Chinese students who were returning to China from different countries. They were trying to spread the China Virus to the Taiwanese. This is the most abhorrent and repugnant action of the Chinese and they should be ashamed of their actions. Some Chinese are even praying and hoping to spread the China Virus to other people. This type of behaviour is insulting and repulsive to the world. Therefore, if we do not stand against the Chinese government then their action will be much more harmful and destructive in the future.

It is important for us, as Tibetans to remind ourselves that there is merely no difference between Chinese people and the Chinese government’s behaviour. Chinese people are complicit in guilt when they do not speak against their government’s wrongdoing. From this time, it even became clearer that the people of the Chinese government acts like their government and they are no better than their government.
China virus is not the only delinquent that China bring but where they are Chinese there is a problem. Where there are Chinese, there is a threat to democracy and freedom of that country. They will destroy freedom, democracy, and the economy. China is a real threat to modern civilization.

The Chinese foreign policy ‘One Belt, one road’ initiative is a disaster for the whole world. Italy is the only country in the European countries that accepted the ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy and she implemented it. As a result, Italy has the largest China Virus victims among European countries. Italy materialistically hoped to gain economic benefits from China and did everything China asked. Unfortunately, now the restaurants, shops, and malls are closed because of the Chinese Virus. Italy’s economy is shrinking and the whole country is suffering. Now, are these benefits to Italy? And Iran also accepted the ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy and Coronavirus hit Iran very hard. In spite of all this, China must take responsibility for this Coronavirus pandemic because it originated from China.

In brief, China is the real source of Coronavirus, but it spreads to Italy and Iran. Italy spreads the Chinese Virus all over the European countries and even in India. Consequently, Iran spreads the Chinese Virus to the US and now NY is the epicentre of the China Virus. This world’s calamity and catastrophe is the direct result of ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy.

I can guarantee you that if any country accepts the ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy then many people will lose their lives in the future to barbaric behaviour of the Chinese government. Unquestionably, it will be the greatest threat to modern democracy and peaceful civilization.

Hence, China Virus is a contagious disease, maybe we cannot blame China for the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, it is Chinese responsibility when they concealed the extent of the outbreak of this virus. They kept it secret and did not warn the world and now the world is suffering under the attack of the coronavirus. Thus, we have to hold China accountable and this is their inescapable and unavoidable responsibility.

On December 30th, 2019, a doctor, Li Wenliang, who was working at Wuhan central hospital sent a message to fellow doctors warning them to wear protective clothing to avoid infection. Four days later, he was summoned by police and forced to sign a letter, in the letter he had to admit that he made false comments. 

On February 7th, 2020, doctor Li Wenliang passed away because of the China Virus. However, China still tried to keep it secret and concealed evidence. The government destroyed evidence and arrested the whistleblower.

Evidently, China did not have enough tools and resources to cure the Coronavirus. Thus, people in Wuhan were so desperate and started leaving the city. Around 5 million people left the city and moved to various places. At that point, it was impossible to keep a secret. Willy-nilly, China did everything they could to hide it and did not give a rat’s ass about the well-being of people. Finally, their secret was exposed to the world.

Now, it does not matter how China praised themselves about handling the Coronavirus, and no matter how many times they tell that they did good in the process of handling the horrible situation. Because the evidence is very vivid here that they did not handle it well. Thus, it spreads to all over the European countries, South Korea, and all over the world. My residence, New York lost more than 4,159 people with COVID-19 as of April 4. In total, China Virus-infected more than 1.2 million people and killed more than 69,309 people worldwide.

The world could have saved so many lives if the Chinese government did not lie to the world. Now, China should and must accept their mistakes and crime. China should be sued and demand reparation. They should take responsibility for all these horrible things in the world. And also, the democratic countries should form a special organization and investigate thoroughly. The special organization should investigate the source of Coronavirus and how the Chinese handled it. The special organization should put all these details in history. If the world does not hold China accountable now, then China will do the same thing in the coming future and there will more countries like China. Thus, China should face the ramification of its wrongdoing.

Restaurants, shops, malls, and all business sectors are closed now around the world because of Coronavirus. All employees and employers are out of jobs now around the world. Not only this, but the countries are also spending billions of dollars to fight coronavirus. For example, the US is spending more than 2 trillion dollars to tackle the Coronavirus. There is a scarcity of essentials like masks, and ventilators. Normally, a ventilator can cost 25000 dollars and now it costs 45000. Still, the problem is a shortage of ventilators in the market. Because of the Chinese Virus, billions of dollars are spent on the water since people are required to wash their hands often. This is also destructive to the environment when we use so much water.

There are reports from experts and they predict that there will be a worse financial crisis if this disease cannot stop now. They predict that global financial will be worse than the 2008 big financial collapse and millions of people will lose their lives.

More savagely or viciously, Millions of people are infected by this China Virus and people are running to hospitals for their lives. Hospitals around the world are overflowing and people are losing their lives. It is like wartime and cities around the world are like ghost cities. People losing their family members to China Virus, and hospital workers and patients are taking their own lives because they are scared of the China Virus. This is the situation right now around the world.

Crowded places like Times Square in New York are one of the most attractive and beautiful places in New York. The place used to be full of people and people are enjoying day and night around this place. People enjoy in bars and nightclubs around the places. It used to look so beautiful with different lighting at night and now this looks like a ghost town. Now the streets are full of ambulances and refrigerated container trucks for dead bodies. This is how we are facing now, and this is a catastrophe from China to the world. The world is in a state of devastation because of the China Virus.

Coronavirus is a product of China and China is the symbol of disease right now. Thus, Chinese people are getting beats in the streets of London and the US. The people of South Korea and Italy are protesting, saying that the Chinese should go back to China. These people are filled up with anger and frustration because of Chinese behaviour.

However, if this is a natural disease then there should be solidarity between everyone. And, criticism does not help in that case. But, is the China Virus caused by nature or China created this Virus as a biochemical weapon? The Chinese government kept this secret as long as they could and there is every reason for people to be frustrated and angered in China.

Chinese famous businessman, Guo Wengui claimed that China Virus killed more than 50000 people and infected more than 5 million people. But the Chinese government tried to keep it secret to the world. On February 26 this year, the government gave the wrong number to the media and asserted they lost only 2700 people and infected 70000 people. Not only the government lied about the victim’s number, but the government claimed everything was under control since they handled it very well. But everyone knows it was not true and no one believed the Chinese government. People in certain areas were frustrated and protested from their windows when the Chinese Vice Prime Minister Visited in town. People yelled from the windows saying that “the government lied about the number of deaths and thus we are protesting”. In a nutshell, the Chinese government is not telling the truth about anything and especially they are not telling the truth about the number of people who died with Coronavirus. And the bizarre thing is that 14 million cell phone users disappeared. Now, what happened to those 14 million people? Maybe people were using two cell phones before and now using only one. But the difference number is 14 million people, not some thousands. So, it is clear that the Chinese government always says the opposite things and never tells the truth.

On top of that, the World Health Organization helped China to cover up their wrongdoing. In November 2019, Taiwan sent a warning letter to the WHO about the potential disease in China. But the WHO did not take any actions except telling them that the WHO received the letter from Taiwan.
Secondly, the WHO kept giving wrong assurances by saying that this disease is not a threat to the international level.

Finally, the WHO did not have the braveries to stand up for truth and call it a China Virus, instead of that, WHO named it COVID-19. The WHO is doing all these to please the Chinese government. As a result, now millions of people lost their lives under the China Virus and this is a huge embarrassment to the WHO. Tedros Adhanom and his colleague should resign from the WHO and people should sue them and demand reparation by imprisoning them.

The Chinese government does anything they can to cover up, but their action suggested otherwise. The government postponed the top annual political meeting and the national people’s congress meeting. These meetings are vital to China and the government would not postpone it if they have under control everything. Maybe this is karma to the Chinese government and its people. Because China killed thousands of Tibetan people without mercy and now the China Virus is killing their people. The Chinese government separated Tibetan Children from their parents and now the China Virus is separating their people from family members.

The Chinese government banned gatherings in Tibet Monasteries and now the government can’t even hold their top meetings. For the last 60years, China did not allow Tibetans to travel anywhere around the world and now the China Virus has banned everyone’s international travel.

Chinese lost their faith in their government and they do not trust anymore. For example, in America, if people want to go checkups in hospital then they would go to check up voluntarily. In contrast, in China, the government has to come and drag the people to the hospital to check up. That shows there is no trust between the government and its people. People scared to go to the hospital in China because the government might kill you before the disease kills you. If the government suspects someone having the Coronavirus, then they would put them in an empty house and leave them there without treatment. As a result, some people even attempted suicide because of fear and anxiety.

The most horrible and sad thing is that sometime coronavirus infected people were buried alive and stopped giving treatment. Can you imagine burying someone alive? That is what the Chinese government is doing and that is why people do not want to go to hospitals. They are scared of their government. This is the worst time when patients do not trust hospitals. And there is no hope for life when they do not have faith in hospitals. All these things proved that China lost hope and faith.

This disease might not destroy China but the disaster and problems between the government and people would probably destroy future China. China doesn’t have enough and sophisticated equipment to tackle the virus. And people are suffering because of scarcity in food and drink. The government is losing billions of dollars and the government knows it is going down and the economy is shrinking. Thus, the government is lying now about the coronavirus pandemic and its death toll because it wants to reopen the business to save itself from recession. It is such abhorrent and repulsive behaviour by the government to open the business and lift travel restrictions before the government can stop the CoronaVirus. It became more vivid that the government does not care about the well-being of its citizens.

On March 20th, the Chinese government announced that there are no more new cases of coronavirus and China is ready to get back to normal lives. But it claimed that 39 people returned to China from other countries and they have coronavirus. The Chinese government is saying that it does not have any new cases other than the people who returned from other countries. Now, the Chinese government is trying to blame other countries for their problems. International governments must investigate China and never trust the Chinese government.

But some naive people are believing what the Chinese government is saying. Therefore, those naive people are reporting that Italy and the US have more coronavirus cases than China. These people should know that Italy and the US are showing the real number and being transparent with their coronavirus cases. Unlike Italy and the US, China is still keeping it secret and we do not know the real number. Beijing “concealed the extent of the coronavirus epidemic,” and there is no way we know the truth from China.

China has no mercy and ethic whatsoever, even in this crisis. The Czech Republic ordered so many Coronavirus test kits from China and found 80% of those are dysfunctional. What China is doing right now is extremely repugnant and disgusting. The Chinese government is selling fake ventilators and testing kits at this time, this kind of barbaric behaviour shows the Chinese government doesn’t care about precious human lives. This is the time to recognize the Chinese government as human evil and people should know the government well. This is for our future and this is international security.

People like us could not take China’s pressure and that’s why I left my own; country, family members, and came as a refugee in America. Here, we still have to fear for our life because of the China Virus. To survive from the China Virus, I left my job and am living here as unemployed.

Many people in the world lost jobs because of the China Virus. When this is over, people all over the world will face marvellous financial hardship. The problem and tragedy which China created for the world will not vanish from the world soon enough. This tragedy will take years and months to fight and requires all resources we have. We should never let China get away with what they did to the entire world.

To the people of the world, no matter how hardship we may face. Let’s fight the China virus and survive together. Let’s never bow down to the Chinese government and let us not deceive ourselves into thinking that we are benefiting from the Chinese economy. Let’s unite and focus on what is right and what is wrong. We shall fight for the right things and prevail. This is our common obligations and responsibilities. This is for our value and this is for our future prospects.

The views expressed in this article are that of the author’s and should not be attributed to Tibet Express

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