China developing Tibet’s last village bordering Himachal to ease troops movement

Satellite images confirm Chinese PLA’s road construction work at the last Tibetan village near the Himachal borders. Image: India Today

DHARAMSALA, 28 July: The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is constructing a road at the last Tibetan village which could offer “new avenue to its troops along the international borders near Himachal Pradesh in event of a conflict with India, reports India Today.

The development and road construction along the Khimkulla Pass areas of Tango and Yamrang, in Chinese occupied Tibet near Charang and Chhitkul areas on the Indian side was observed by the villagers in Charang village in Kinnaur district of Himachal and captured on the images taken by India’s premier intelligence-gathering satellite EMISAT on 15 July, the report added.

According to the report, Dibang village is locally known as Tang and located at almost 30 km from the international borders.

The report stated that “there has been no dispute in this area so far” and that “there was neither any road ahead of this location until June last year, nor is there any PLA post anywhere ahead in the entire area.”

It was noted that the new construction by the PLA at the last Tibetan village was first spotted by “foot patrols from the ITBP post in Charang Khas village to Yamrang Pass.”

The report states that the construction started in June 2019 and that it was stalled after covering some 20 KM in November the same year owing to bad weather and thereafter allegedly by the Covid-19 pandemic from February to May 2020. 

However, the report added that construction by the PLA “resumed at feverish pace” since June 2020. By July, the road has been completed till 2 km short of Yamrang.

Meanwhile, S.R. Rana, the Kinnaur police chief has stated that the “Indian territory along the border was absolutely safe and free from any trespass” and that the authorities are “aware of reports about road construction activities on the Chinese side.”

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