China issues safety warning for Chinese students in Australia citing rising number of attacks and insults

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, Dec 21: The Chinese embassy in Canberra has issued a safety warning for the Chinese students in Australia, citing rising number of attacks and insults against Chinese in Australia.

“Recently, attacks and insults targeting Chinese students have occurred in different places in Australia, therefore we warn all Chinese students in Australia to keep alert of possible danger and call the police and embassy if such incidents occur,” the embassy said in the warning posted on its website.

china-australia-flags-660x330The Chinese consulate-general in Melbourne is also said to have issued a similar warning, Chinese state-run media People’s Daily reported.

The Chinese government has also accused Australia of failing to help Chinese students to integrate earlier this month, the Mail Online reported citing an editorial in the Chinese state-run media Global Times.

The Chinese state-run media stated that an estimation of 200,000 Chinese students study in Australian universities and schools and provides a good source of fund for the Australian institutions.

From the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asserting to stand up against Chinese Interference in Australian politics by announcing tougher espionage laws to Beijing recently summoning the Australian ambassador to China Jan Adams and the resignation of an Australian senator over his links with China, off late, the relationship between the two countries were on the rocks.

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