China says Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong backed by United States

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, August 3: China’s apex prosecution body has labelled Hong Kong’s student activist Joshua Wong a pro-democracy advocate backed by the United States in an online video.

13918664_1221838474527227_1366353181_oThe 19-yr-old student leader appears in the video which issues warning against uprising movements across the country with a caption that reads ‘American-led Western power’ posted by China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Aug 1, on its official weibo account, reports Reuters, August 2.

The video singles out and accuses Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and Uyghur as well as dissident activists of damaging China’s internal stability and harmony.

United States was accused of trying to turn China into another Syria and held accountable behind all such incidents, the video ends with a message warning viewers to protect China and to be cautious of color revolutions, the report adds.

Responding to the video through a facebook post, Wong said he had not advocated for Hong Kong independence during Umbrella revolution in 2014 and dismissed the statements as a joke.

A Hong Kong court on July 21 ruled that the democracy activist was guilty for unlawful assembly related to demonstrations that brought Hong Kong to a stand still in 2014.



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