China warns of consequences if UK terminates Hinkley point nuclear power plant

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, August 10: China has warned the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Theresa May against cancelling the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant.

Much to the dismay of China, the new UK Prime Minister after assuming the power chose to delay £18 billion Hinkley Point nuclear power plant.

May’s allies including her chief of staff Nick Timothy shares the same opinion and have reservations about whether it is wise to allow China to be so closely involved with the nuclear project, reports mail online, August 9.

13957369_1227382960639445_1589231340_nDavid Cameron and former chancellor George Osborne’s administration sanctioned the nuclear project and a Chinese nuclear firm is jointly funding the Hinkley Point C with French energy giant EDF.

Describing the nuclear power point program as a ‘test of mutual trust’, Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming warned it will damage the relationship between the two countries if UK scraps the project, the report adds.

“Hinkley Point is not the result of some whimsical idea or rushed decision; it is the considered outcome of a mutually beneficial tripartite partnership between Britain, France and China,” state-run Xinhua quoted the Chinese diplomat as saying in its report, August 10.

“I hope the UK will keep its door open to China and that the British government will continue to support Hinkley Point and come to a decision as soon as possible so that the project can proceed smoothly,” Liu added.

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