Chinese hotel reverses ban on Tibetan language, releases public apology

DHARAMSALA, Jan 11: A Chinese hotel in the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo has retracted its rule requiring Tibetan staff of the hotel to speak only in Chinese following furious online protests from the local Tibetan community that led to the hotel being temporarily closed by the local authorities.

The Shang Yon hotel in Rebkong county in Malho prefecture in the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo issued the rule on Jan 7, forbidding the Tibetan staff from speaking in their own language and a fine of 500 Yuan for non-compliance, according to a report by Radio Free Asia.

The hotel quickly retracted its rule the next day when local authorities temporarily closed the hotel following a barrage of online complaints from the Tibetan community over language rights.

The hotel also released a public apology to the Tibetan community for breaching cultural privileges guaranteed by China’s policy on so-called minority nationality groups, the report quoted sources as saying.

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