Chinese journalists expelled for secret interactions with Tibetan Shugden practitioners

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, July 29: The three Chinese journalists from state run Xinhua were shown the exit door by New Delhi for their dubious dealings with Tibetan Shugden practitioners in Karnataka, reveals Indian media.

The three Chinese journalist, who were directed to leave India by July 31, sealed their fate not by merely meeting with Tibetan activists as reported earlier but for their alleged dealings with the anti-Dalai Lama faction in Tibetan settlements in Bylakuppe and Mundgod in Karnataka, reports Deccan herald and The Economic Times.

According to a report on The Economic Times, July 28, the Chinese journalists used fake names to travel to the Tibetan settlements in Karnataka to meet members of ‘Dorje Shugden’ sect.

13875076_1218351324875942_810434169_nVisits to these settlements by the Chinese journalists since April and their interactions with anti-Dalai Lama faction did not go down well with the Indian authorities as Serpom Monastic University at Bylakuppe and Shar Ganden Monastery in Mundgod are among the main centres of the Dorje Shugden sect in India, the report adds.

Lately, ‘Dorjee Shugden’ practitioners have created quite a ruckus running a global campaign against the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama whenever he travelled around the world to preach and spread his message of love, compassion and universal responsibility.

This prompted the Indian authorities to deny issuing further visas to Wu Qiang and Lu Tang, Xinhua’s bureaus heads in Delhi and Mumbai respectively and She Yonggang, a reporter in Mumbai.

It is widely believed that the Chinese government backs Shugden practitioners as a tool to discredit the Dalai Lama and create disunity among Tibetan community to weaken the anti-Beijing movement.

This became evident as international media reports quoted a leaked Chinese Communist Party document that stated Shugden issue as ‘an important front in our struggle with the Dalai clique,’ reports The Economic Times, July 28.

As the Chinese journalist are to be expelled within few days, Xinhua is yet to send their replacement.

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