Xi Jinping cements his status with historic resolution, consolidates power

DHARAMSALA, 12 Nov: The stage is now set for Chinese President Xi Jinping to extend his rule for a record third term next year and perhaps beyond after the Chinese Communist Party on Thursday adopted a “historical resolution.” 

Senior officials on Thursday approved a resolution on the party’s “major achievements and historic experiences” since its founding 100 years ago, 

The resolution sets the stage for next year’s sweeping leadership reshuffle and paves the way for a legacy-defining third term for the president, reports the SCMP.

According to the report, a communique issued at the closure of the sixth plenum, a four-day gathering of China’s top political elite has summarised the challenges and achievements of the party over the past 100 years wherein, “a lion’s share was devoted to highlighting the achievements and progress made under Xi since his ascent to power in 2012.”

This CNN said has placed Xi on the same pedestal as the nation’s founding father Mao Zedong and reformist leader Deng Xiaoping, who unleashed an economic boom that turned China into the world’s second-largest economy.

Xi has now become the only third leader to have issued party leadership’s resolution on its history and the media report said that “the move establishes Xi’s status as an equal to party founder Mao Zedong and his successor Deng Xiaoping the two other Chinese leaders to have issued such report. 

This reportedly will raise Xi’s status, media reports said.

 The Chinese Communist leaders have declared Xi’s ideology as the “essence of Chinese culture” at the meeting. 

Xi has long indicated his ambitions to consolidate the power and the party removed term limits on Xi’s post as president in 2018.

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