Chinese state media says India will suffer greater losses than 1962 if it incites military conflict

By Lobsang Tenchoe

DHARAMSALA, July 5: China has warned India that it will suffer greater losses than in 1962 if it incites military conflict with Beijing over Sikkim border issue.

Following a remark by the Indian Defence Minister Arun Jatiley that India of 2017 was different from what it was in 1962. China’s state-run media, Global Times ran an opinion piece saying military conflict will see India suffer greater losses than that of 1962.

19758114_1579763212068083_776675600_n“Jaitley is right that the India of 2017 is different from that of 1962 – India will suffer greater losses than in 1962 if it incites military conflicts,” the report read.

The report claimed that India’s provocation has infuriated the Chinese public and warned that China’s People’s Liberation Army is powerful enough to expel Indian troops out of Chinese territory.

“We firmly believe that the face-off in the Donglang area will end up with the Indian troops in retreat. The Indian military can choose to return to its territory with dignity, or be kicked out of the area by Chinese soldiers,” the report added.

The report further went from being offensive to defensive with a subtle warning to India.

“China attaches great importance to domestic stability and doesn’t want to be mired in a mess with India. But New Delhi would be too naïve to think that Beijing would make concessions to its unruly demands,” the report concluded.

The current stand-off between India and China began after New Delhi’s apprehension over Beijing’s construction of road in Donglang area of Sikkim sector. Following which China accused India of violating the 1890 Sino-British treaty defining the boundary between Sikkim and Chinese occupied Tibet.