Chinese women disappears after defacing Xi Jinping’s poster in Shanghai  

DHARAMSALA, July 6: A young Chinese woman has reportedly disappeared after defacing a poster of Chinese President Xi Jinping in front of a Shanghai office building while speaking out against one-party rule in China.

The woman surnamed Dong live-streamed her protest on her twitter handle @feefeefly. Expressing her dissent, she points to the XI Jinping photo on a ‘Chinese dream’ advert near the HNA Building in Shanghai on Wednesday morning and says, I oppose, I hate him to bone before splashing ink on the photo.

“I oppose Xi Jinping’s tyranny,” the young women says in the video and further claims that she was suppressed by the central government’s ‘brain control’ and appeals to the international organisations to intervene and investigate the Communist Party’s suppression towards her, reports

Following her protest, the young Chinese women posted photos of what appeared to be police officers waiting outside her home through a door’s peephole, the report said.

“Right now there are a group of people wearing uniforms outside my door. I’ll go out after I change my clothes. I did not commit a crime. The people and groups that hurt me are the ones who are guilty,” she was quoted as saying in the report.

According to the report, though her Twitter account has since been deleted, copies of the video and screenshots of her tweets are being circulated online but Dong has not been heard from since with growing question marks on her whereabouts and concern over her safety.

Chinese activists and Twitter users responded to the development with a flurry of tweets expressing support and concern for her.

“Please everyone pay attention, don’t let her vanish without a trace – defend the constitution, freedom of speech is not a crime!” Hua Yong, a Beijing based artist said in the report.

Earlier in 2015, a 42-year-old Chinese man was sentenced to 14 months in jail for hurling a bottle of ink at the portrait of Mao Zedong looking out over Tiananmen Square.

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