COVID-19:Tibetans continues to undertake various relief measures

Kollegal Dhondheling Tibetan settlement (R) and Sera Mey’s Pobor Khangsten and Tsawa Khangtsen(L) pictured with their donation of medical supplies.

DHARAMSALA, 5 May: Tibetans, both individually and collectively continue to undertake various relief measures as India battles COVID-19 pandemic.

Sera Mey’s Pobor Khangsten and Tsawa Khangtsen along with the Kollegal Dhondeling Tibetan settlement in Karnataka have become the latest entrant to the long list of Tibetans effort and contribution towards the fight against the Pandemic on Monday

Sera Mey’s Pobor Khangsten’s head Kyabje Hashen Rinpoche and Tsawa Khangtsen’s head Kyabje Woeser Rinpoche have expressed their hopes for the resolution of the Wuhan-origin pandemic that has resulted in inconceivable chaos, loss of life and suffering across the world.

Woeser Rinpoche and from Hashen Rinpoche have donated Rs 1 lakh and 3 lakh worth of medical supplies and PPEs respectively through Sera Mey ’s health committee.

The Rinpoches have also lauded Kashag’s stewardship, under which CTA’s Health department and its resilient hospitals have shown in their dedication to finding solutions and containment of the outbreak in the Tibetan communities.

Further, Sera Mey’s health committee has distributed disinfection supplies to the Settlement Office, TCV school, villages and monasteries as well.

Meanwhile, Kollegal Dhondeling Tibetan settlement has collectively donated RS 5,68,525 of which 1 Lakh has been donated to Karnataka Chief Minister’s Relief Fund while RS 1,77,045 has been donated to the local Tibetan hospital to acquire Oxygen Concentrator.

The Tibetan community has also decided to spread the disinfection supplies, Sodium Hydrochloride twice across the local Tibetan monasteries and school to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Additionally, Tibetans from Dhondeling have offered food and dry rations to the poor and the vulnerable Indian villages nearby.

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