CTA holds Prayer Service in memory of peaceful demonstrators of ‘1989 Uprising in Tibet’

CTA’s annual prayer service in memory of peaceful demonstrators of ‘1989 Uprising in Tibet’ being held at Sikyong hall at the Central Tibetan Secretariat. Image: Tibet.net. 

DHARAMSALA, 8 March: The Central Tibetan Administration(CTA) today held a prayer service to recall and pay tribute to the peaceful Tibetan demonstrators of the 1989 Uprising in Tibet.

As it marks the 32nd anniversary of the peaceful protest this year, the officiating Sikyong of the CTA, Religion and Culture Kalon (Minister) Ven. Karma Gelek Youthok described the anniversary as a “tragic moment in history” of Tibet caused by martial law imposed by Chinese authorities that lasted for more than 13 months during which many Tibetans, young and old from every walk of life “were killed, injured and imprisoned” while “many of whom might still be languishing there,” reports tibet.net, the official webpage of the CTA.

As such, the annual prayer service is being organised by the CTA’s Department of Religion “to express our solidarity for them,” and that “we must never allow it to be erased from our collective memory as long as our cause is alive,” he added.

Ministers(Kalons) from CTA along with the Speaker and the standing committee of the Tibetan Parliament, Tibetan Justice Commissioners and secretaries of the  CTA departments attended the prayer service held at the Sikyong hall at the Central Tibetan Secretariat here in Gangchen Kyishong.

Additionally, in keeping with the COVID-19 restrictions, the rest of the CTA staff have held the service at their respective offices.

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