CTA starts bringing home stranded Tibetan students

The 29 stranded Tibetan students from Dehradun pictured with the bus that was used to bring them home. Image: Tibet.net

DHARAMSALA, 11 May: The Department of Education(DoE) of the Central Tibetan Administration(CTA) has brought home 29 Tibetan students from Baroda to Dehradun.

The students were among the 83 Tibetan college students studying in Baroda whose lives have been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The students were “staying intact in their university hostel from the first phase of lockdown” and they “were recently notified by the university authorities to vacate the hostel as the campus was to be converted into quarantine facility,” Tibet.net, the official webpage of the CTA reported on 9th May.

According to the report, CTA along with the Sameyling(Majnukatilla) Tibetan Settlement Officer, Delhi were in constant touch with the students from the” beginning of the crisis and has been issuing them through guidance.”

The 29 students from Dehradun was brought home from Baroda following the necessary guidelines of the State government with regard to interstate travel permit and coordination with relevant authorities, the report noted.

Their travel expenses are borne by the DoE and they were further provided Rs 1000 each for their daily allowance.

Additionally, the department has also provided Rs 5000 each to 10 Tibetan students from Ladakh to travel back to their hometown.

The report stated that the bus in which they were brought home was “fully sanitized and everyone on the bus including the driver and the conductor had a medical check-up done before departure.”

Efforts are ongoing from the department to bring the rest of the students safely from Baroda to their homes in Himachal Pradesh, North East and others. 

DoE has commended “the cooperation and responsibility taken by RTYC, Baroda-cum Tibetan Students’ Association Baroda.”

Earlier on 22nd April, the Education Minister of the CTA has announced relief money of one million rupees-  Rs 5000 for 200 college students- stranded in cities due to India’s  nationwide lockdown to cover their rent and essential expenses

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