Dalai Lama offers Sikyong Penpa Tsering good wishes and blessing

DHARAMSALA, 3 June: His Holiness the Dalai Lama has granted a virtual audience to the Central Tibetan Administration’s (CTA)President(Sikyong) Penpa Tsering and offered his good wishes and blessing.

The Dalia Lama spoke at length, emphasising the vital need of preserving and strengthening the democratic values that are deeply embedded in the Tibetan system of governance while noting that he has entirely and solely relinquished that responsibility and authority on the democratically elected leader of the Tibetan people, noted a report on the tibet.net the official webpage of the CTA.

The Tibetan spiritual leader has also told the Sikyong that “it is the responsibility of the elected leadership to steer the Tibetan cause and lead the Tibetan people through imminent challenges and must do so in total compliance with the democratic principles and practices,” the report added.

According to the report, Sikyong Penpa Tsering has reportedly apprised the Dalai Lama with the “detailed account of immediate steps he’s undertaken,” in the week since he took office “in addressing the more urgent issues, including the COVID-19 crisis” and introducing new guidelines and policy on tackling the COVID-19 in the Tibetan communities.

The Sikyong has also apprised the octogenarian Tibetan leader of “his efforts and commitment to finding a lasting solution for the Sino-Tibet conflict through a non-violent approach espoused by His Holiness.”

 Additionally, Sikyong Tsering has also primed the Dalai Lama of “his grassroots initiatives to advance the global advocacy efforts for Tibet, strengthening democratic polity, empowering the youth and, meanwhile, strengthening Tibetan unity and solidarity.”

At the meeting that lasted for an hour on Wednesday, the Dalai Lama, “after thoroughly noting the leadership commitments of Sikyong,” has “expressed appreciation to Sikyong’s pursuits and offered him good wishes and blessing as he charges ahead with the responsibility as the Sikyong of the 16th Kashag.” 

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