Desung Kalon resigns before completion of term

DHARAMSALA, April 7: In a bizarre turn of events, Mr Dongchung Ngodup, Desung Kalon or minister for Department of Security, CTA has resigned from his post on April 6 before the completion of his term.

Desung Kalon Mr Dongchung Ngodup speaking to reporters.
Desung Kalon Mr Dongchung Ngodup speaking to reporters.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Ngodup said, “His Holiness’ severe disapproval speech at Men-Tse-Khang’s (Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute) function and exceedingly severe admonitions from the oracles after the recently concluded parliamentary session has made me question my ability to shoulder the responsibility any longer. Since it has turned into a burden on my mind, I submitted my resignation to the Sikyong on moral grounds and resigned from the post with immediate effect.”

“Sikyong and the other Kalons told me that I should have at least discussed the matter with them as we have worked together for so many years and asked me not to resign. Had I discussed the matter with them earlier, I am quite certain what they would have said and that the Sikyong would definitely not agree to it. I understand their feelings but I told them that my decision is final and cannot be changed as I have already made up my mind,” he added.

A statement published on the Tibetan administration’s official website, stated that Mr Tsering Dhundup, Kalon for the Department of Finance, Central Tibetan Administration, has taken additional charge of Department of Security with immediate effect following Security Kalon Ngodup Drongchung’s resignation.

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