Nepal Earthquake: Rebuilding Efforts in the Tibetan Community: Special Report by The Tibet Fund

DHARAMSALA, Dec 8: The Tibet Fund has recently published a special report titled, ‘Nepal Earthquake: Rebuilding Efforts in the Tibetan Community’, highlighting the impact of the devastating earthquake in 2015 on Tibetans in Nepal and the organization’s efforts in the reconstruction and recovery projects.

In the aftermath of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake – followed by hundreds of aftershocks including several high magnitude ones – that struck Nepal in 2015, the Tibetan refugee community in the Himalayan nation too faced many challenges including the loss of many lives, damage to buildings, destruction of homes, schools and loss of livelihood.

nepal-earthquake-report_cover-231x300The special report features TTF’s rebuilding efforts such as: post-disaster needs assessment and the findings which guided the repair and reconstruction projects, TTF’s recovery framework, providing psychosocial counseling, and earthquake preparedness training in Tibetan schools.

This extensive and detailed report highlights many of the key activities carried out by TTF, as well as the collaborative efforts undertaken to rebuild a strong and resilient Tibetan community.

The 29-page report states that TTF raised a total of $362,299.13 from various generous donors including the US government, all of which were spent in two phases rebuild and repair the homes of 500 Tibetans affected by the earthquake, reconstruct clinics providing healthcare to 552 Tibetans, repair schools, nunneries and monasteries and provide training on disaster preparedness to 10 Tibetan schools that benefited 1,859 students.

In addition, the report further states that TFF, in its reconstruction principles and practices, also emphasized on the adoption of earthquake-resilient building techniques which are not only in compliance with National Building Codes of the Government of Nepal but also ensures future safety and physical security of the Tibetan refugees.

Click here to read or download the special report.