Four Tibetans arrested in Sog County

DHARAMSALA, April 16: Chinese authorities have arrested four Tibetan natives of restive Sog County in Nagchu Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tendrak, a monk of Drilda monastery in Sog County’s Trido Township and Phurbu, a lay Tibetan youth were arrested on April 6 by Chinese authorities and taken to the County headquarters, according to a source from Tibet.

Separately, Tridue, a Tibetan leader of Village No. 4 in Trido Township and another Tibetan man called Dadak have been arrested from Nagchu region, the same source added.

All four of them were arrested on the suspicion of involvement in writing independence slogans with red paint on boulders near an iron bridge in the area.

Tendrak and Phurbu were arrested earlier in April 2012 for allegedly destroying signboard on the door of Chinese work teams permanently stationed at the monastery and detained for close to a week before they were released.

Details such their whereabouts and condition could not be ascertained immediately due to heavy restrictions imposed in the region.

Chinese authorities in Trido Township have confiscated all gasoline bought by Tibetans for their motor vehicles and stepped up restrictions on the sale of gasoline. Now Tibetans are required to show ID cards at filling stations to purchase gasoline for their vehicles.

Several shops and restaurants in Trido’s Village No. 4 have also been destroyed by authorities and new government buildings are being constructed in its place.






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